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55th Reunion - JUNE 1-4, 2017 - Gone but with great memories

Reunions 2017 were successful.  While fewer folks than at the 50th (255 total in attendance compared to 699), the 133 classmates in the group bested our targets.  It was possible to speak with almost everybody--or at least nod to folks as you squinted to read their name tags.

50th Reunion - 2012

Our 50th was a tremendous success. We had 322 classmates/widows in attendance during our 50th reunion--and 699 total. It was a wonderful weekend with great weather and plenty of comradeship.

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new PAW website is available with 14 years of back issues and many other items, including memorials (we are shortly going to submit 30 of them which never appeared in print).


Dues are still $62 with an optional/additional contribution to our scholarship fund. We are asking that members of the class pay an even $100 (or more), which would include an optional/additional contribution to our scholarship fund of $38 (or more). The class dues will pay for PAW subscriptions, mailings, and certain events. Our treasury helped subsidize the 50th yearbook--still a wonderful volume.


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